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Robust Extra Low Cost Nano Grid - Enabling access for every person to affordable, smart, productive power.

To improve the domestic quality of life requires mainly low power energy for information services (light, mobile phone, TV and radio) but it is mainly used at night.

The Approach

The grid is designed from a clean sheet considering by the users and the spatial and temporal requirements. A high power generation hub enables a range of day-time productive uses. It has minimal batteries, and can be grid-ready.

Batteries are distributed in the homes which are trickle charged via ultra low-cost radial DC network up to 300m, and mitigating energy theft. The line voltage is ±60V and is touch safe, enabling a community install.

The voltage drop is managed by low-cost, smart power-electronics which also manages the battery, ensures a constant 12V for appliances. This enables a very smart grid, where each house can both optimize its use and provide community services.


Research Team