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RT @meganrowling: Oxford Uni researchers say #Africa's #cities would be cleaner, greener & healthier if their minibus and motorbike taxis r…

RT @k_a_collett: #EVs in #SubSaharanAfrica, how do we get there? In our piece in @naturesustainab, @StephiHi and I highlight the importance…

RT @_Project_LEO: Do you have a business in Oxfordshire? You could take part in our Flexible Energy Market Trials and be part of a cutting…

RT @StephiHi: In our paper 👇we shed light on #decisionmaking in #SierraLeone, including who is important, their motivations and decision dy…

RT @georgewilliamsh: An article I co-authored with my @EPGOxford colleagues @StephiHi and @MD_MCCULLOCH is live! We shed light on decision-…

We've reached 25K VIEWS on the @OxfordSparks #ElectricVehicles video featuring our researchers @Sivapriya2015 & @k_a_collett! 🚗🔌 Interest in #EVs sure is booming! Missed the video & want to learn more? Check it out: #v2g #netzero @oxengsci

RT @k_a_collett: Really excited to announce that the Sustainable Development Summer school courses we’ve been working hard on @ResearchCcg

RT @OxfordCooling: Our team is working on how to best phase-out these HFC #refrigerants and prevent this type of leaks! Have a look at thi…

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EPG Videos

V2G: Katie

UPS invests in arrival of EVs: Katherine Collett explains the benefits of combining vehicle-to-grid technology with a fleet of electric delivery vans.

"Powering the future: switching on the renewables" with Prof Malcolm McCulloch

Powering the future: switching on the renewables with Prof Malcolm McCulloch, looks at the potential of rapid deployment of zero-carbon energy required to meet a 1.5C future.