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RT @ResearchCcg: Spatial Data Starter Kit for OnSSET Energy Planning in Kitui County #Kenya 🇰🇪 A ready-to-use starter kit of data at a cou…

RT @oxengsci: Researchers at the University of Ottawa, UQAM and @alycialeonard from @EPGOxford @UniofOxford followed #COP27 representing th…

Check this new article in The Conversation authored by our researcher @alycialeonard alongside Canadian colleagues on the outcomes of #COP27 📰

Our @ResearchCcg researcher @alycialeonard was quoted by The Guardian today on her impressions of #COP27 on the ground ⬇️ Take a look:

Our researchers @alycialeonard and @StephiHi on the ground at #COP27! So what's the difference between the COP Blue and Green Zones? Turns out, a lot. Learn below and follow #AlyciaGoesTOCOP for live updates ⬇️ @oxengsci @OxfordSparks

Yesterday was gender day at #COP27 - but how does gender relate to climate? Hear from Oxford experts on this, including our own researchers @StephiHi and @alycialeonard from @ResearchCcg and @oxengsci ⬇️:

How does our researcher @k_a_collett imagine a clean energy future? ☀️ Check it out below 👇

Our @ResearchCcg researcher Alycia still observing at #COP27 on behalf of @uOttawa / @CELGS today! Fire her your questions and check her live tweets in this thread ⬇️ @oxengsci @OxfordSparks @OxEngage

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UPS invests in arrival of EVs: Katherine Collett explains the benefits of combining vehicle-to-grid technology with a fleet of electric delivery vans.

"Powering the future: switching on the renewables" with Prof Malcolm McCulloch

Powering the future: switching on the renewables with Prof Malcolm McCulloch, looks at the potential of rapid deployment of zero-carbon energy required to meet a 1.5C future.