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EPG Team Photo

Our People

Malcolm McCulloch

Associate Professor and Head of EPG

Malcolm leads the EPG. His interest and expertise spans developed and developing countries, and ranges across all aspects of power generation and distribution.

Mallory Newman

Personal Assistant

Mallory is Malcolm's personal assistant. She focuses on optimising Malcolm's schedule, time management and response rate. She keeps the group afloat and organised.

Victoria Grant

Senior Project Manager

Vicky focuses on ensuring that the group is functioning well, delivering to time on the portfolio of projects, and providing a conduit between the group and key stakeholders.

Jonathan Wheeler

Electronics Support Engineer

Jonathan is the group's electronics support engineer. He designs & makes stuff and runs experiments to help various projects. He likes solving technical challenges.

Filiberto Fele

Postdoctoral Researcher

Filiberto works on enabling the flexibility of the future grid for the integration of low carbon technologies. His research lies at the intersection between optimal control & game theory.

Stephanie Hirmer

Senior Postdoctoral Researcher

Stephi helps to deliver energy services that create value for marginalised communities. Her work focuses on Low-Income Countries. She is the Research Manager at the Climate Compatible Growth Programme.

Katherine Collett

Senior Postdoctoral Researcher

Katie is interested in the technical challenges associated with moving to a low carbon future. Her current research focuses on electrifying transport in developed and developing countries.

Nicole Miranda

Postdoctoral Researcher

Nicole is a Researcher & Programme Manager for the Future of Cooling Programme. She looks at how passive technologies can mitigate the increasing energy demands for cooling. 

Farhad Billimoria

Doctoral Researcher

Farhad focuses on electricity market design, power system security and investment decision-making. He is also a Visiting Research Fellow at the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies.

Flora Charbonnier

Doctoral Researcher

Flora works on the coordination of distributed energy resources using reinforcement learning and convex optimisation. Her focus is on residential energy flexibility resources such as electric cars and smart heating.

Yifu Ding

Doctoral Researcher

Yifu works on the techno-economic model for off-grid systems in energy-poor communities in developing countries, enabling the least-cost control operation & local electricity trading.

Aniq Ahsan

Doctoral Researcher

Aniq is interested in energy systems modelling, carbon emissions and optimisation. His DPhil focuses on modelling and simulation tools for the assessment of long-distance renewable energy farms.

Claire Halloran

Doctoral Researcher

Claire's doctoral research focuses on the spatial and temporal location of energy storage to incorporate more variable renewable generation and electrified loads into electricity networks.

Scot Wheeler

Senior Postdoctoral Researcher

Scot works at the interface between flexible energy technologies, energy markets, and user engagement in the design of smart local energy systems. He works on project LEO.

Alycia Leonard

Doctoral Researcher

Alycia works on geospatial system planning and distribution grid design for community-appropriate rural electrification and energy access. She also works on the Climate Compatible Growth Programme.

Rebecca Perriment

Doctoral Researcher


Becky's doctoral research focuses on energy usage and battery lifetime in off-grid electricity systems in developing countries, using operational data.



Thomas Morstyn

Lecturer at the University of Edinburgh.

Hindolo George-Williams

Lecturer at De Montfort University

Nisrine Kebir

Sivapriya Bhagavathy



Anna Clements