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Multiple Sites, Actors, Vectors, Energy Services

The Approach

Virtual Private Wire Networks (VPWNs) allows energy to be “traded” within an organisation, providing an incentive to coordinate flexible resources. 

Thermal inertia of buildings acts as storage allowing HVAC to be utilised for flexibility services.

Thermal building model needed to evaluate flexibility capacity.

Key insights

University of Oxford estate ~ 8% of Oxfordshire’s electricity consumption ~ 1MW potential flexible HVAC load.

Thermal building models allow flexibility capacity to be evaluated within set comfort constraints and user uncertainty. ingle and multi-site optimisation allow coordination in response to fixed loads, import price, renewable self-consumption.

Former Research Team

Malcolm McCulloch 

Principal Investigator

Avinash Vijay

Postdoctoral Researcher

Scot Wheeler

Postdoctoral Researcher