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In 2012, I receivd my BCs degree in chemistry from Nankai University, China. Then I went to United States and had my Master degree in Chemical Engineering from University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. During my study in U of M, my research insterest mainly focused on charaterization of transport and thermodynamic properties for aqueous potassium hydroxide solutions and aqueous vanadyl sulfate solutions. 

During my PhD project, my research interest is characterization of transport and thermodynamic properties for nonaqueous Li-ion battery electrolytes. Accurate quantification of Li-ion battery electrolytes will help improve the accuracy of numerical model for the transport phenomina within the Li-ion battery electrolytes. My another interest is to develop electrolytes for Mg battery. Ideal electrolytes for Mg battery should have full Mg striping/depostion reversibility, low depostion overpotential, and wide anodic stability window. I am currently trying to develop Mg battery electrolytes with inorganic salts and organic solvent.

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