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From October 2014 to September 2016, I was a post-doctoral research assistant working with Prof. David Howey on the project STABLE-NET (Stability and Control of Power Networks with Energy Storage) . I hold a D.Phil in Control Engineering from the University of Oxford and received my B.E and M.E degrees in Control and Systems Engineering from Nanjing University, China. 

The STABLE-NET project aims to  address the challenge of maintaining the stability of power networks with increasing penetration of renewable energy by the use of energy storage. As part of the research collaboration between six major institutions in the UK and China,  our research focuses on the dynamic characterisation of electrochemical energy storage systems such as lead-acid or lithium-ion batteries. Fast and accurate state estimation of energy storage systems is critical for achieving optimal grid performance in balancing the supply and demand at short time scales. We will investigate both equivalent circuit models (ECMs) obtained by system identification and electrochemical models (ELMs) governed by PDEs coupled with algebraic constraints. ECMs are usually low-order and the challenge is to improve the model accuracy by using more advanced identification techniques. On the other hand, ELMs are more accurate, but also more difficult to calculate because of its infinite-dimensionality.
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