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I joined the EPG as D.Phil student in November 2012 after graduating from Universiti Sains Malaysia with Bachelor's Degree in Mechatronic Engineering (Hons) in the same year. The final year project during my undergraduate degree was 'Disparity Mapping of Stereo Vision for Robot Navigation'.

Currently my D.Phil project focuses on the transportation system data. This project is part of Mobility Oxford (MobOx). Massive amounts of data regarding usage of transportation system/infrastructure has been collected over past years, however the potential of these datasets has not been fully utilised. There are two main foci on the project - first is the learning that can be achieved from these data; traffic situations, users behaviours, users expectations are  just some of the different aspects that can be drawn from the data. Second is the feedback of the data into the transportation system to help users make better decisions and hence utilise the system more efficiently. Methodologies of translating the data into information and delivering the information to the users are to be investigated.

The outcomes of this project are to enhance the user experience and reduce the disruption of traveling, in other words, create a more efficiently utilised system.

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