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Prior to joining EPG in 2012, I had two years of work experiences in automotive industry working as a project engineer. Prior education includes BEng (EE) from the University of Birmingham and Huazhong University of Science and Technology, MSc (EE) from the University of Pennsylvania.

My D.Phil research aims to design an effective control strategy for hybrid domestic energy storage systems in response to perceived power network stress. It is difficult to access the power network's generation-load condition from the user side without a lot of high-level communication. Smart applicances such as domestic energy storage systems thus have difficultites in reacting to the stress across the network accordingly. A technique was developed to allow individual users to predict generation-demand conditions within the network (potentially in real time). Along with a proposed domestic hybrid energy storage system, a control strategy will be designed to alleviate the network stress. The outcome of the project allows better utilisation of intermittent renewable energies and mitigates the network stress, achieving a much lower carbon footprint to operate the electric power network.


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