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I graduated from Edinburgh with a Meng in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering prior to working for two years on the design of a hybrid electric transmission.

I am currently investigating the potential application of thermal energy storage (TES) technologies to power systems to help mitigate the challenges that arise from intermittent energy sources. Presently my D. Phil is aimed at examining different power system topologies which incorporate TES with a view to identifying the optimum combination of technologies that balance supply and demand whilst ensuring power quality is maintained.


1st Author:

P. Armstrong, D. Ager, I. Thompson, and M. McCulloch, “Improving the Energy Storage Capability of Hot Water Tanks through Wall Material Selection,” Energy, vol. accepted, 2014

P Armstrong, M McCulloch, "Distributed energy storage using domestic hot water tanks and a novel thermocline sensor," IEEE ISGT, 2014 (Accepted)

P. M. Armstrong, M. Uapipatanakul, I. Thompson, D. Ager, and M. McCulloch, “Thermal and sanitary performance of domestic hot water cylinders: Conflicting requirements,” Appl. Energy, vol. 131, pp. 171–179, Oct. 2014 (paper)

P Armstrong, D Ager, I Thompson, M McCulloch, Domestic hot water storage: Balancing thermal and sanitary performance, Energy Policy, vol  68, pp 334-339, 2014,  DOI: 10.1016/j.enpol.2014.01.012

Armstrong, P., Wong, R., Kang, R., Camilleri, R., Howey, D.A., McCulloch, M.D., A Reconfigurable PV Array Scheme Integrated into an Electric Vehicle, The 4th Hybrid and Electric Vehicles Conference HEVC2013, London, UK, 6-7th November 2013

2nd Author:

Camilleri, R., Armstrong, P., Ewin, N., Richardson, R., Howey, D.A., McCulloch, M.D., The Value of a clutch mechanism in Electric Vehicles, The 27th Electric Vehicle Symposium, EVS27, Barcelona, Spain, 17-20th November, 2013. (paper)


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