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I’m associated with the Future vehicles EPSRC project at the University of Oxford and is supervised by Prof.Malcolm McCulloch and Prof.David Howey. The research investigates electrical machines for electric vehicles and particularly focuses on characterization of winding insulation degradation and development of a fundamental understanding of the degradation processes. I'm also on secondment from the RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia and my research at RMIT has been mainly on electrical machine design and control of electrical drives.
I received the B.Sc degree in electrical engineering (Hons.) from the University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka in 2008, and the Ph.D degree from the University of Manchester, Manchester, U.K., in 2012. I was part of the Power Electronics, Machines and Control (PEMC) Group at The University of Nottingham U.K as a research fellow from 2012– 2013.
My PhD was supervised by Prof.Mike Barnes and was on the control and design aspects of aircraft starter generators. The PhD focused on both switched reluctance machines and permanent magnet machines for aircraft starter-generators and the electromagnetic energy conversion efficiency enhancement aspects of these machines. The work undertaken at the University of Nottingham was part of the EU Clean Sky joint technology initiative. I was involved in the the design and analsysis of an aircraft starter generator for the AEGART project.


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