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I joined Energy and Power Group (EPG) as a postdoctoral research assistant in 2016, working on intelligent control of decentralised solar with energy storage systems. I am also looking into the modeling of vanadium redox battery systems for microgrids.

Previously, I pursued my Ph.D. degree in The University of Edinburgh, with my research focusing on improving the performance of off-grid hybrid wind-diesel-battery systems. This was achieved through the investigation of several aspects of a standalone hybrid system. These include the optimum sizing, optimised operation and the investigation of wind turbine’s tower shadow effect on battery lifetime. Both modelling and experimental work were involved in this project, with the latter to verify the former.   

In 2012, I graduated with M.Sc. in Sustainable Energy Systems from The University of Edinburgh. From 2009 to 2011, I was working as an engineer in Altera and Motorola. I received my B.Eng. of Electrical & Electronics Engineering (Hons.) from the Universiti Tenaga Nasional, Malaysia, in 2009.

My research interests include power electronics, intelligent control for energy management systems and energy storage for microgrids.

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