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I am an Associate Professor in Engineering Science and a Tutorial Fellow at St Hilda’s College Oxford. Within EPG, my team's primary interest is in the modelling and management of electrochemical energy storage devices for automotive applications such as electric and hybrid vehicles, and also grid and off-grid power systems. We also have a small amount of research on electric machines. We develop novel instrumentation, diagnostics and modelling approaches that enable operation closer to performance limits, which is essential in order for these systems to reach commercial viability and make a positive impact on society and the environment. Our lab includes a range of battery test equipment, thermal imaging and calorimetry, data acquisation, scopes, 4Q power supply/loads, a dSpace battery simulator, and a 3D printer. Some examples of work include:

I studied engineering specialising in electrical and information sciences at Queens’ College, Cambridge University. After working as an engineering consultant, I undertook a PhD at Imperial College London on the subject of thermal design of electrical machines. Subsequently I worked as a post-doctoral researcher at Imperial on two automotive projects investigating electrically assisted turbocharging and advanced battery condition monitoring before being appointed at Oxford in 2011.
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Main research interests
Energy Storage
  • Impedance measurement for diagnostics (e.g. temperature)
  • Thermal modelling and thermal properties of batteries
  • Fast electrochemical modelling
  • Parameter estimation and system identification of models
  • Model-based battery management systems
  • Capacity fade of batteries in 'real-world' use
  • Condition monitoring and fault detection/diagnosis
  • Design of battery packs and battery management systems\
  • Decentralised control and balancing systems
  • Energy management systems for storage on microgrids
  • Automotive, power grid and off-grid applications
Electrical Machines
  • Degradation modelling and monitoring
  • Thermal modelling and thermal management
  • Homogenisation approaches for windings
  • Simulation and measurement of air-gap convection
  • Direct electrical heat flux and temperature measurement techniques
Major projects and grants
Recent professional activities
Current Collaborations (recent co-authored papers)
  • At Oxford: Peter Bruce, Charles Monroe, Mike Osborne, Stephen Duncan, Malcolm McCulloch, Maria Bruna
  • Outside Oxford: Pierre Jacob (Harvard), Johan Gyselinck (ULB, Brussels), Greg Offer, Paul Mitcheson and Nigel Brandon (Imperial College London)
Recent invited guest lectures and workshops
  • International EV Batteries, IMechE, London, UK, 6-7 Dec 2016 - Invited speaker on ' Advanced battery management systems'
  • EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland, 7th Sept 2016 - Seminar on 'Performance evaluation of an extended Kalman filter for state estimation of a pseudo-2D thermal-electrochemical lithium-ion battery model'.
  • Culham Centre for Fusion Energy, UK, 14th Jan 2016 - Invited speaker on 'The next generation of battery management systems'
  • UK Energy Storage Conference (UKES) 2015, 25th Nov 2015 - Invited keynote speaker on 'The next generation of battery management systems'.
  • OCI Headquarters, Seoul, South Korea, 21st Sep 2015 - Seminar on 'PV and Energy storage system simulation'.
  • TU/Eindhoven, The Netherlands, 15th Sep 2015 - Seminar on 'Battery management systems'.
  • University of Cambridge, UK, 3rd Jul 2015 - Seminar on 'Advanced battery management systems'.
  • Politecnico di Milano, Milan, Italy, 8th June 2015 - Seminar on 'Advanced battery management systems'.
  • Open University, UK, 2nd June 2015 - Invited speaker on 'Behaviour and modelling of batteries and super-capacitors'.
  • Future Powertrain Conference 2015, 25th Feb 2015 - Invited speaker on 'Integrating batteries into automotive applications: what's coming next?'.

Word cloud of recent papers:

Contact Details: 

Room 15.10, Holder Building
Department of Engineering Science
University of Oxford
Oxford OX1 3PJ

tel: 01865 283 476 (dept) or 01865 276 850 (college)

email: david.howey@eng.ox.ac.uk


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