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I earned my B.A.Sc. from the University of Toronto in 2007 followed by my M.A.Sc. 2009. My M.A.Sc. Thesis topic involved studying control methods to reduce the size of energy storage components (capacitors and inductors) in power factor correcting (PFC) rectifiers.

In December 2009, I co-founded a company with four other friends and colleagues called ARDA Power. During my time at ARDA, I was heavily involved with developing our first product. Currently, ARDA is enjoying continuing success.

I decided to return to school in October of 2013 to fulfill a lifelong goal – to earn a PhD, or DPhil as they are known in Oxford. My research focus is at the exciting interface of energy storage technologies and power electronics. I am currently working towards the development of a "smart cell", a device which integrates power electronics, novel control algorithms, and a battery management system into the construction of a battery cell. By doing this, information about the cell's state of charge, and more importantly, its state of health, travel with the cell as it moves into different applications. This is of particular interest in the area of second life batteries, where cells deemed no longer fit for electric vehicles can be repurposed into stationary energy storage applications.

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