We design systems and develop diagnostics and control algorithms for electrochemical energy devices such as batteries and supercapacitors, in applications from electric cars to grid power systems. Find out more

Our aim is to improve performance and cost by predicting dynamics and lifetime, estimating temperatures and faults, and measuring how and why devices perform in the real world. This requires us to address fundamental issues in modelling, instrumentation and data processing.

The group is led by Associate Professor David Howey within the Energy and Power Group at the Department of Engineering Science in the University of Oxford.


PhD theses available to download

Various full PhD theses from the group are now available to download, on topics including batteries and motors.


The group has been pleased to welcome recent visiting researchers from both Incheon National University, Korea, focused on microgrids, and also the Institute for Electrical Energy Storage Technology at the Technical University of Munich in Germany, focused on grid energy storage.

New paper on control of grid batteries

Our pre-print Improving optimal control of grid-connected lithium-ion batteries through more accurate battery and degradation modelling is now published also as a full paper in JPS.

New paper on capacity estimation

Our new IEEE paper Gaussian Process Regression for In-situ Capacity Estimation of Lithium-ion Batteries is available, demonstrating accurate estimate of battery capacity from just a few voltage measurements during charging.

New video featuring our lab

Our lab is featured in a new video by Shell called ‘The Quest for Better Batteries’, including our spin-out company Brill Power. See if you can spot some familiar faces from the group.