Oxford Vehicle Model (OVEM)

We have developed a detailed vehicle simulation tool called OVEM. We use this and experimental data to investigate future drivetrain topologies, impact of different fuels, efficient driving styles and relationship between technology performance, consumer choices and policy.

Driving Profile Optimisation

As the technology in automotive industry improves from time to time, the designs of the vehicle powertrain have been optimised to enhance energy efficiency, extend vehicle range, reduce fuel consumption, etc.  However, the utilisation of the vehicles influences the overall energy efficiency or fuel consumption.

At EPG, we are looking into developing a system able to provide the driver the optimised driving profile given the starting location and destination, taking into consideration the traffic conditions. The system will assist the driver for journey planning.

Vehicle Traction Control

Electric machines present exciting new opportunities for traction control.  Compared to internal combustion engines they respond faster, have precise measurable torque, and there modular nature allows positive and negative torque to be applied to all four wheels independently.

At EPG we are developing novel traction control approaches that utilise these qualities for on-road vehicles. We use high fidelity vehicle dynamics models to verify the performance across the full range of operating conditions. We work closely with leading automotive industry partners to ensure that the control approaches we develop are realisable.