Sustainable MotoExpo @ Cheltenham

Robert Camilleri's picture

On Saturday we presented a Master Class Session on Ultra Low Energy Eco-Marathon Vehicel Design, at the Sustainable MotoExpo in Cheltenham.  The Sustainable MotoExpo 2012 is the first move towards achieving a pioneering motor racing event on the streets of Cheltenham, and is exclusively aimed at showcasing electric and low-carbon emission vehicles.

The Master Class session discussed some of the design decisions when developing our vehicle, affectionately known as Peggie, that competed in the Shell Eco-Marathon in Rotterdam.  We talked about the race itself and how the even unfolded.  We also showed how factors such as driving style, weight, rolling resistance and aerodynamics affect vehicle energy consumption and how we have tried to reduce these to the minimum.  The design of an electric power train comprising batteries, power electronics and motors was also discussed.  The use of telemetry and how this will help us in the next participation was also looked into.

John Vincent "Vince" Cable, Business Secretary in the coalition government stopped by to learn more about Peggie.

Dr. Darren Kavanagh opening the Master Class Session