New database of GHG mitigations using anaerobic digestion in dairy farms

Nicole Miranda's picture

A new database has been created to bring together research on mitigating GHG emissions from dairy farms, using anaerobic digestion (AD).

The database has been developed after systematically reviewing the academic literature in the field. Structured filtering allowed the selection of 30 articles. As an important selection criterion, articles needed to present emissions from an AD scenario and a baseline (reference) scenario. The emissions entered in the database were additionally classified according to the farm activity (operation units) acting as source of emissions. 89 independent cases were entered into the database.

A paper titled “Meta-analysis of GHG emissions from anaerobic digestion processes in dairy farms” has been submitted to  Environmental Science and Technology, detailing the methodology used to develop the database.

To access the database please request the password and download it here.