Low Carbon Vehicle Event 2012

Nathan Ewin's picture

On September the 5th I attended LCV2012 a conference and exhibition for low carbon and electric vehicle technologies.  I had the opportunity to present a poster on my research on electric vehicle traction control.   Among the numerous seminars I found the presentation on the DeltaWing, a revolutionary LeMans car particularly interesting.  It shows how a vehicle designed from the ground up can halve the losses of a conventional race car while still delivering the same performance.  It was also interesting to note the increase in personal mobility vehicle on display such as the Renault Twizy and the Vauxhall RAKe.  

The highlight of the the event was the ride and drive, where visitors could test drive the latest low carbon vehicles on the Millbrook Alpine circuit.   I entered the Millbrook Fuel Economy competition, which as well as giving me the opportunity to try out the Vauxhall Ampera it also provided me with performance data from the test compared to a profession test driver.  A selection of which is presented below.  The drive cycle consisted of: a section of low speed stop-start to replicate urban driving; a mid speed section on the Alpine track; and a high speed section on the large oval circuit to replicate motorway driving.  What is interesting to note from the data is that even though I drove slower than the target I consumed more energy.  This shows that driving efficiently is more dependent on how the driver accelerates and brakes than his/her top speed.