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EPG at the 2013 Shell Eco Marathon

On Sunday 12th of May, EPG members set off to Rotterdam for the 2013 Shell Eco Marathon. After debuting in 2012, Peggie, the team car, was returning with a new drivetrain, driver interface, PV array and an ambition to break the original target she set of 366km/kWh (or Paris to Naples on a pint of petrol). The event seeks to find the vehicle which can complete 10 laps of a 1.6km track at an average speed of 25kph using the least amount of energy from the propulsion batteries.

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Thermal Test Rig


Water is an excellent medium for storing thermal energy due to the following reasons:

1. Water has a very high sensible and latent heat capacity - suppose you had a choice of storing an amount of sensible heat at a given temperature in either water or concrete - you'd need almost five times as much concrete by weight which would consume around two and a half times the volume that water would otherwise require.

2. Heat can travel in and out of water easily compared with other materials meaning domestic radiators and automotive cooling systems are reasonably small

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EPG come dine with me evening

Whilst for the majority of the time EPG members are concerned with matters relating to things like: axial flux machines, batteries and refrigeration cycles, in order for us to function as normal members of society, it is important that we are also clued up on things like: the art of conversation, how to hold cutlery properly, maintaining eye contact and general etiquette. To this end we've embarked on a group "come dine with me" experience where we sample the cuisine on offer at the colleges we attend. This week's event was jointly hosted by Robert and myself at Christ Church.

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