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A sense of scale

Have you ever wondered if small scale renewable projects are worth the time and effort compared to large scale projects? This question came into stark focus on a visit to a community in Olosho-Oibor, Kenya in May this year. This visit was a precursor to a meeting of the EPSRC funded Solar Nanogrids consortium meeting, to which I had been invited.

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Why sustainable energy for the developing world

I have often been asked why I spend effort in researching the use of sustainable energy in the developing world.  Surely their environmental footprint is much smaller than that produced by the developed world. True but the developed world has a difficult challenge - its developed! There is already an existing infrastructure that provides for most our needs, albeit largely based on fossil fuel. There is a lot of inertia and incumbent interests to not want to change. Its not just the big energy companies that have a vested interest - we as end users have also invested in the old system.

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